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We can offer postage stamp, nestampilate / unused, scalloped and unlaced colitis, blocks, and maximum envelopes "First Day" (FDC), philatelic catalogs of Romania and many other countries. The stamps are collected by intelligent people with a wider horizon of knowledge. Among collectors of stamps to meet people of different ages, but only the upper echelons of society. Stamp collecting has been done and is done as a store of value and values. For example, having stamps from Germany, basically, you hold the German mark (now euro!). Who will collect stamps from the United States has, in another form - of course - U.S. $. And so, besides the financial benefits related to increasing the value of their collections of stamps, stamp collecting brings joy, plus a general knowledge of culture and satisfy any lover of beauty. But is it true that stamp collecting stamps is a pretty expensive hobby. On the basis of lists catalog numbers, we will send our offers and will contact to determine in detail how to send your stamps We want to give us the great interest of the stamps displayed on this site, you might want Yours,

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